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Disinfestation at Storage and distribution warehouses:  Warehouses play a vital role along the supply chain from manufacturing units till it reaches consumers and damages by pest during storages at both bulk and retail center lead to huge economic losses. Rodent were major pest for both food and non-food products while stored product insects and lizards etc infestation were noted in food products. Detection of live pests inside retail pack of food brands has been traced to pest infestation at storage as there were no way these pest can infest during final packing due to heat generated while packing them.

Disinfestation Specialist ensures an effective pest management plan at bulk and retail storage with combination of preventive and curative treatments. Assessment and recommendation on good warehousing practices were done by team to prevent pest damages. Curative treatments like placement of baits,  glue traps and spraying pesticide emulsions  at required frequency were carried out to prevent damages by pest

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