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Disinfestation Specialist prime objective is to provide complete peace of mind to customers on pest issues by effective control along with mitigating risk and safety hazards. To achieve this, we use a combination of Integrated Pest Management tools and methods for sustainable aftereffects.
We follow Integrated Pest Management
Disinfestation Specialist conduct thorough physical assessment on pest biology and behavior to identify where they live, forage and feed at interior and exterior areas with prime attention on entry points, cracks / crevices, doors / windows, moisture / leakages, waste disposal and housekeeping practices. Assessment results were documented as per standard guidelines with visual proof wherever required.
Pest and infestation level were identified by signs and symptoms like droppings, grease marks, burrows, damaged items for rodent, excreta and congregation points for cockroach, breeding and resting places for flies, mud tubes for termites, excreta for lizards, cob webs for spiders etc. Correct identification of pest and location of infestation saves time, effort and expenses to control them.
Upon effective inspection of areas and identifications of pests, recommendation on pest proofing measures, sanitation and hygiene practices, pest disinfestation frequency were designed keeping in mind customers budget and availability of resources. Limitation, risks and constraints were analyzed and for an effective and feasible IPM.
Implementation of preventive exclusion practices like sealing entry points, reducing food and water sources, removal of harborage practices were ensured by proper follow ups with concern person. Thereafter, experienced Disinfestation Specialist carry out curative treatments like application of pesticide emulsion, placement of baits, glue based traps to eliminate pests by ensuring right product at right place.
With a motto of “No Monitoring is No Treatment”, Disinfestation Specialist use extensive monitoring tools to evaluate efficacy of pest management plan and redesign it to increase it’s effectiveness.


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