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Disinfestation at grain, pulse and spice milling units:  Agro commodities milling industries has an unique pest management requirements keeping in view fine food materials generated during milling process. Frequent complaints noted were at final retail packing at customers end and during storage period at distribution and retail centers. Major pests at milling units are stored product insects, rodents, lizards and flies. Flour beetles, which breed upon milled products making their harborage and breeding points inside equipment’s, cracks crevices and cross infest to final packaged products during packing leading to quick detoriation of products and subsequent  customer complaints.

Dis infestation Specialist provides comprehensive pest management program from intake of raw materials to packaging of final products by identifying Critical Control Points & Pre Requisites Programs on process flow charts for monitoring insect’s infestation level and required treatments. Modern disinfestation program requires robust monitoring system to detect insects and take up immediate curative treatments once insects level cross critical limit.

Apart from associated pest treatments, disinfestations of equipment is an critical requirement as infestation inside equipment lead to cross infestation of insects to final products and which require combination of specialized cleaning with vacuum cleaners, localized treatment with fumigants at elevators, bins, shifters etc and spraying of bio pesticides at space during plant shutdown period.

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