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Disinfestation at Food Manufacturing Units, Distribution and Retail Centers:  Food manufacturing facilities are heavily regulated industry from food safety point of view and FSSAI and global food safety initiatives like SQF, FSMS 22000: 2005, BRC, AIB, HACCP etc. made pest management a critical requirement to prevent contamination of pests and any parts in final products. Pest free packed products are still susceptible to cross infestation at distribution and retail warehouses, if they are not kept pest free.  Major pest in food processing units are flies, cockroaches, rodents, lizards, spiders, snakes and other seasonal insects and each of these pest have their own peak activity period and require a year around pest disinfestation plan. Food processors both, don’t want pest live or dead in their final product to avoid consumer complaints.

Disinfestation Specialist work diligently to provide pest free products by designing an effective pest management plant by combining both preventive and curative methods. To upgrade an existing facility into a completely pest proof can be humongous task but with combination of experiences and smart techniques it can be achieved with modifications. Disinfestation Specialist has expertise in providing site specific end to end solutions from processing facility to complete supply chain.

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