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Documentation for Pest Management Treatment at Food Processing Facilities:- Documentations are an integral part of a pest management program and disinfestations records with verified evidences have to be maintained for any treatments carried out. Records enable us to analyze pattern of infestation to design a customized effective pest management program and also conduct backward and forward traceability for any physical, biological and chemical contamination in products due to which it became a crucial part of all food safety audits. Compliances are also required to meet country’s statutory and legal requirements for both pest control firm and technicians carrying out treatments.

Major records to be maintained are:

  1. Vendor agreement with scope, service specifications and liabilities.
  2. Vendor licenses for eligibility to carry out treatments.
  3. Training records of operators carrying our services with PF/ ESIC/ Insurance covers.
  4. Pest Management Treatment Plan with frequency of treatments, pesticides and consumables.
  5. Material Safety Data Sheets for any pesticides used with antidotes details.
  6. Area specific documentary evidences of treatment carried with consumption details.
  7. Location maps for Rodent Stations, Insect Fly Catchers with numbering.
  8. Monthly pest proofing and preventive assessment reports.
  9. Monthly pest monitoring reports on pest trapped and action plan for next month.
  10. Disposal records of pests trapped, empty pesticide containers.
  11. Records of joint training conducted with vendor on pest proofing and preventive measures.

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